Healthy Ground Beef To Your Door!

Gonnam Ranch beef is meticulously raised by a family, not a faceless corporation, for a taste that stands apart from any grocery store beef.


Hormone Free

Raised To Heal The Environment

Single Cow in Every Burger

American Family Raised

Factory Farm vs Regeneratively Raised

Welcome to Gonnam Ranch, where we are revolutionizing how beef is produced for your family's well-being and the planet's future. Say goodbye to conventional factory farms and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable model that provides you with incredibly nutritious beef and contributes to healing our climate. As passionate pioneers in regenerative agriculture, Gonnam Ranch proudly presents our exclusive monthly Steak Holder program, ensuring you receive a regular supply of healthy, mouth-watering beef delivered right to your doorstep. By becoming a part of this remarkable initiative, you actively participate in building a regenerative food system that will ultimately replace factory farms and pave the way for a greener tomorrow. Join us on this extraordinary journey and savor the taste of a brighter future with every bite.

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