Factory Farm vs Regeneratively Raised

Welcome to Gonnam Ranch, where we are revolutionizing how beef is produced for your family's well-being and the planet's future. Say goodbye to conventional factory farms and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable model that provides you with incredibly nutritious beef and contributes to healing our climate. As passionate pioneers in regenerative agriculture, Gonnam Ranch proudly presents our exclusive monthly Steak Holder program, ensuring you receive a regular supply of healthy, mouth-watering beef delivered right to your doorstep. By becoming a part of this remarkable initiative, you actively participate in building a regenerative food system that will ultimately replace factory farms and pave the way for a greener tomorrow. Join us on this extraordinary journey and savor the taste of a brighter future with every bite.

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  • You Save Money

    When you become a Steak Holder you get the best price on the highest quality Pasture-Raised Beef shipped right to your door every month! Cut down on your grocery store visits and start your own "Freezer Section!"

  • You Support Sustainability

    Becoming a Steak Holder allow us to sustainably plan our herd and grazing practices--ensuring that your cow leaves the soil better than they found it. You also reduce the "middle man" waste when you buy directly from us.

  • Your Beef is Fresh

    Get fresh beef every month from the pastures. No more wondering how long your food has been in the supply chain. Your beef comes right off the farm to your door!

  • Purchase Your 'Steak' Of The Herd

    As a member of our email list, you have exclusive access to our limited herd. Sales Open Soon!

  • Open Your Box

    Sit back and relax knowing the most nutritious, delicious, and sustainably raised beef is headed your way. Your beef is harvested at it's peak in the fall and shipped right to your door.

  • Enjoy!

    It's time to wow your family and friends with the healthiest beef they've ever had. You'll keep dinner time exciting with the variety of cuts available to you right in your freezer.

  • Dry Aged Steaks

    Our premium steaks are dry-aged for tenderness for 18-21 days, then hand-cut and carefully packaged by an expert butcher, and delivered to you flash frozen to preserve the incredible flavor and ensure you enjoy the greatest steaks you’ll ever have. These heart-healthy top sirloin, New York, and Ribeye or Filet Mignon steaks are loaded with Omega 3s (nearly 5x more than grain-finished steak) and essential Vitamin A

  • Premium Ground Beef

    The premium ground beef is a perfect blend to create some of the juiciest burgers, tacos, or meatloaf you've ever had! Your mouth is going to explode with flavor! Gonnam Ranch's burger will make the perfect secret ingredient to your favorite recipes!

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Providing the healthiest options to your family that are absolutely delicious!

Raising meat sustainably in a way that leaves the land better than when we found it.

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Raising our children to understand the value of hard work, determination, and the sweet rewards of a job well done.