3 Fitness Tips You Haven't Heard Before

3 Fitness Tips You Haven't Heard Before

3 Fitness Tips You Haven't Heard Before

1) The most significant thing with fitness is that you need to find something you enjoy doing so that you do it.

  • Whether you're into lifting weights, you want to go to the gym or start to learn how to lift some weights and move the barbell around. 
  • Whether it's doing more endurance-type training, maybe you want to start riding bikes for a long time or work your weapons, some jogging, or 5Ks thing like that. 
  • Try a group fitness class, team sports, or a CrossFit if you want something all-around. 

You have to enjoy it. Because if you don't look forward to it, it's

tough to motivate yourself day in and day out. I don't feel like lifting today, but I'm going to go out there every day and do it. 


2) Once you have the activity in mind, find a goal and set it. For example, if you choose you like endurance training. Go sign up for a 5K in your area, so you have a goal with a fixed date you are going to. 

3) Once you have a date for your event. Make training part of your daily routine. 

To get an entire routine to help you achieve your goal, check out this week's podcast with Jesse Kohls



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