3 Hacks To Earn Endless Beef Bucks!

3 Hacks To Earn Endless Beef Bucks!

I'm writing this blog post for those who want to earn so many Beef Bucks they are giving away beef for Christmas!

I'll be discussing a few ways you can share your referral link. If you don't have an account already, click the button below that says Earn Beef Bucks and start a FREE account.

Below is a list of simple steps families take to earn Beef Bucks to fill their freezers. All examples can be used, or you can write whatever you want; these are just to get you thinking.


Hack 1

Send a text to 20 people on your phone.
Want more Beef Bucks? Send them to your entire contact list and see what happens.

Text Example:

Hey, I was on TikTok and learned about this fantastic new way to buy higher-quality beef that you can't find in any grocery store. You must check this out and enter the Ranch's 100K Free Beef Giveaway! (Link) —----------- Enter Your Referal Link Here to receive Beef Bucks


Hack 2

Email 30 people
If you have an email list, send out an email blast.

Email Example:


Do you know where your beef supply is coming from in 2023? I learned I don't have to trust the grocery store to supply my family with beef. I'm cutting out all the middlemen and buying from Gonnam Ranch.

You need to take a look at what they are doing. My family is taking this opportunity to become more independent from this weak supply chain.

Check them out here: (Link) —----------- Enter Your Referal Link Here to receive Beef Bucks

P.S. They have a 100K Free Beef Giveaway you have to check out!

Hack 3

Social media.
Sharing our content on all platforms helps spread the word. Put the link in the bio if that's an option for you.

On Facebook, make sure to include your link when you share so people can order through your link.

You can send messages on all platforms sharing something similar to the Text Example above.

Execute on all 3 of these and see how many Beef Bucks you can EARN!
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