Easiest Way To Find Local Produce Near You!

Easiest Way To Find Local Produce Near You!

The best way to get exclusive access to the best locally raised produce around is a CSA.

What's a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported or Shared Agriculture. 

According to (TheSpruceEats) "CSA is a farming model built on fairness and transparency for both the farmer and the consumer. Traditionally, a consumer buys a share of a farm up-front, which provides financial security to the farmer for that season. In return, the consumer receives a regular box of fresh produce."

This model is a win-win for farmers and customers. Kali Star, the owner of Earth Matterz CSA in Los Angeles, said recently on the "What's On Your Table?" Podcast "You're buying into the farm, making sure the farm is supported for that season. I really love that way because they don't have to think about

whether or not they're going to sell the produce they're growing. This is a really big thing for

the farmer. We want them to focus on the farming, and we want them to have that security and that ease to say, we're growing these crops, and they're sold, we're going to have a home for these crops. We won't have to waste them."

How Do CSAs Work?

The number of CSAs may vary in your area, but they all work similarly. You either pay upfront for the year one lump sum or monthly/weekly in some cases. Getting your produce will be a little different. Most pickup options include picking up at the farm, meeting at a general drop-off location, farmers market, and some might even drop off at your door. Pick-ups are usually every week or a couple of weeks. 

You usually get a variety pack of the best produce your taste buds will ever taste when you pick up. Most of these CSA are Organic and will follow the best growing practices we know of today to heal the soil and environment. At the same time, they are growing some of the most nutritious food.

Who Should Buy From a CSA?

A CSA is for anyone looking to get high-quality fruits and vegetables while supporting your local community. It's a great thing for busy parents focused on their family's health—people on a diet that don't even know where to start with veggies and healthy eating. Let an expert pick out the best food you can eat. If your health is essential to you, a CSA can add fun, variety, and nutrition to your life while helping Local Farmers support their families. 

How to Find a CSA?

Gonnam Ranch will add a Local CSA Tab to our website and try to help you connect with someone in your area. If one's not located there near you, check out these sites. Local Harvest, you should be able to find one here or else go to Google and search "CSA Near Me." If you don't want to share location, replace Near Me with your City, State.

I hope this article was helpful. CSAs are great, and we should all be using one. Please share this article with your friends and let them know about CSAs.

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