7 Key Health Benefits of Eating Grass-Fed Beef

7 Key Health Benefits of Eating Grass-Fed Beef

People Are Testing The Limits On The Health Of Beef!

Courtney Luna is eating meat for 95% of her diet and has never felt better!

Eating 95% of your diet in meat goes against everything that you are going to be hearing from the mainstream media. Courtney has seen so many success stories she said it was worth the risk to her on the What's On Your Table Podcast this week! Hear her entire story today on the podcast about how she made this wild change.

Like most of us, Courtney is a parent who has yo-yo dieted her whole life until she started to care about the quality of food she began to feed her family. I'm not saying you need to eat 95% meat, but here's why beef should be essential in your family's freezer.

 7 Key Health Benefits of Eating Grass-Fed Beef

1. Fewer Calories

When a cow eats grass, its diet is clean and natural. The fat content is lower because the cows are moving and building more lean muscle. Most cows start the same way. They are born in a pasture and graze with their mothers while they grow. However, grain-fed cows move to feed lots around one or two years of age. At this point, they eat grain for the rest of their life. Because grass-fed cows graze for their entire life, their meat is less fatty and has fewer calories.


2. Electrolytes 

The three main electrolytes are Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium. Electrolytes are essential to all people, but especially to those who are starting on a keto diet. It is crucial to replenish your electrolytes to combat the keto flu. Eating grass-fed beef will help you with this, as there are 732 milligrams of Potassium, 49 milligrams of Magnesium, and 118 milligrams of Sodium in one grass-fed strip steak. Grass Fed Beef makes it a healthy benefit to your keto diet.

3. Supports Normal Levels of Sugar in the Blood

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas to regulate your body's sugar levels in the blood. Your pancreas secretes insulin, which helps send the glucose to your body's cells for energy. Beef from grass-fed cows contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid that can help keep your insulin levels where they belong.

Eating grass-fed beef can help keep your insulin levels healthy for people on a heavy meat diet. The keto diet is all about low carbs and high fat, which helps to prevent your body from producing excessive amounts of insulin to regulate your blood sugar and maintain good energy levels throughout the day. 


4. Helps to Fight Cancer

Conjugated linoleic acid is one of the most vital nutrients that help defend the body against cancer. CLA is an anti-cancer nutrient not commonly derived from meat; most of these nutrients are derived from plants. Grass-fed beef contains close to twice as much CLA as grain-fed beef.

A study was done where women were given food rich in CLA and 60% less likely to develop breast cancer than those who did not consume CLA.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats, and grass-fed beef contains as much as six times the amount of them as grain-fed beef. Not only that, but beef from grain-fed cows has high omega-6 fatty acids, which are already a large part of the typical American diet.
Increasing omega-3 intake can provide the following benefits:

Alleviate Rheumatoid arthritis: Omega-3 fatty acids are known to decrease inflammation markers effectively.

Depression: People who supplement with omega-3s have experienced an improvement in their mental state.

Focus: In studies, omega-3s are considered a potential treatment for attention deficit disorders (ADHD).


6. Decreases Chance of Heart Disease

In addition to the other benefits of CLA consumption, it has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Grass-fed beef contains CLA. In addition, eating grass-fed beef improves the health of your heart due to the following:
Vitamin E and other antioxidants
More omega-3s
Fewer bad fats
Smaller amounts of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol)

7. Grass-Fed Beef Is Packed Full of Nutrients

Grass-fed beef is a protein that is dense in nutrients. It can and should be a part of a healthy dietary program. It contains the following nutrients:
Twice as much beta-carotene and lutein as grain-fed beef
Close to three times as much CLA as grain-fed beef (500–800 milligrams of CLA)
As much as three and a half grams of omega-3 fats (only 1 gram in grain-fed beef)
In addition, there is a ton of nutrition in one 214-gram strip steak, including the following:


49 grams of protein
49 milligrams of Magnesium – 12% DV
45 milligrams of omega-3s
0.3 milligrams of Riboflavin – 16% DV
14.3 milligrams of Niacin – 72% DV
1.4 milligrams of Vitamin B6 – 70% DV
28 micrograms of Folate – 7% DV
2.7 micrograms of Vitamin B12
1.5 milligrams of Pantothenic Acid – 15% mg
139 milligrams of Choline
16.3 milligrams of Betaine
19 milligrams of Calcium – 2% DV
4 milligrams of iron – 22% DV
454 milligrams of Phosphorus – 45% DV
732 milligrams of Potassium – 21% DV
118 milligrams of Sodium – 5% DV
7.7 milligrams of Zinc – 52% DV
45 micrograms of Selenium – 64% DV

The nutrients in grass-fed beef are a considerable benefit, and it is one of the best choices to incorporate into your diet.

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