Gonnam Ranch Beef Bucks

Gonnam Ranch Beef Bucks

Hello, it's Chance, founder of Gonnam Ranch! Our mission is to feed as many Americans across the country our beef. We know what we raise is better than the grocery store, and your family deserves nothing but the best!

Gonnam Ranch is now literally helping you fill your freezer with our Beef Bucks!

Pop Quiz: What's the United States Dollar backed by? As of August 15, 1971. Nothing.

What are Gonnam Ranch Beef Bucks backed by? You guessed it, Beef!

Here's how it works you earn Beef Bucks in tons of different ways; most are FREE!

Then you can exchange those Beef Bucks for $100, $500, or $1,000 Gift Cards you can use to buy beef to fill your families freezer.

This now allows our Steak Holders to make a deposit. Go earn beef bucks. Then make another order using their Beef Bucks!

Others who aren't financially ready to buy our beef can now purchase their entire orders with Beef Bucks. We pay you 25,000 Beef Bucks per family you send our way and then make a purchase. 100,000 Beef Bucks Buys you a $1,000 Gift Card

Our Serenity Sampler is only $750. (1/8th Beef)
Life Made Easy is only $1,400. (1/4th Beef)
Parent Of The Year! $2,650 (½ Beef)
Stress-Free 2023! $5,100 (Whole Beef)

We want the option to be 100% Yours on how much beef goes in your family's freezer this year!

If you want free tips to Refer Families Online and more, check out this blog post I wrote for you.

Let's Get These Beef Bucks,

Chance Gonnam
Founder of Gonnam Ranch

P.S. If you need help earning Beef Bucks feel free to DM on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/gonnamranch/
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