Insane New Hack To Improve Thyroid from Dr. Stone

Insane New Hack To Improve Thyroid from Dr. Stone

Attention: Do you or someone you care about have a Thyroid that needs HELP?

Insane New Hack To Improve Thyroid from Dr. Stone

Dr. Carolyn Stone has helped hundreds of women with their Thyroid, and it can help you too!

A few weeks ago, my wife was not feeling herself, so we took her to get some blood work done. She came back with awful thyroid numbers. As it turns out, I was scheduled to interview Dr. Stone that next day for the What’s On Your Table Podcast.


I got greedy during the interview and asked every question I could think of about how my family could support my wife and help her get her health back. Dr. Stone is a wealth of knowledge, and she didn’t hold back. Make sure you give this a listen. I won’t be able to cover the 45 minutes of straight value in this email.

But here’s the Insane New Hack that blew me away when Dr. Stone explained it. Dr. Stone said, “She had to give up the salad!”

Yes! I know one of the weirdest things I ever heard a doctor say. She explained that eating red meat is the best thing you can do for your Thyroid. Her personal favorite is Steak!

I know this goes against what most people have heard. But the truth is our ancestors have eaten meat for as long as history records. That’s not by accident. All that’s changed in the last 100 years or so is how we raise our beef.

When cattle go through Factory Farm Feedlots, they are pumped full of hormones, grain at an insane level that destroys their liver, and who knows what kind of medicines they inject into them. Maybe this is the problem, not Red Meat?

Gonnam Ranch Grass Fed beef is the closest we can get today to how red meat would have been back in the day. We rotate our cattle around our pastures, allowing the land to rest and regrow soil! Our cattle have a wide variety of forage to ensure all the meat is the most nutritious.  

Factory Farms exist to make the quickest, cheapest beef possible. Typical grocery store beef isn’t raised with your health in mind, just their profit and greed. 

At Gonnam Ranch, on average, we raise our beef ten months longer on grass. Keep them off heavy grain feedlots and on pastures. We raise the healthiest beef possible because it’s the beef we feed our daughter.

If you want to become the Parent of The Year, you need our Steak Holder Supply Drop: Our 200-pound beef bundle will fill a ten cubic square deep freeze. The Parent Of The Year Supply Drop will be enough beef to feed a family of 4 for an entire year! Cut out the big grocery stores once and for all out of your beef supply!

With our Supply Drops, instead of running to the grocery store every time you need beef, you’ll only have to go to the freezer for the healthiest beef for your family. Your Supply Drop comes with everything you need from High-End Steaks, Brisket, Burger, and Much More! 

With one order, you are securing a Steak in our herd. We raise the beef for you. Process it through our excellent local USDA Inspected Butchers. Then we ship it right to your door!

All you have to do is get the kids to help you unload the boxes. While you unpack, please take a second to show your kids all the beautiful cuts of beef they can’t see at the grocery store.

We have secured our first butcher dates, which will be delivered mid to end of October. If you want to ensure you get our first Supply Drop of beef off the pasture, you need to order now. The following dates might not be till January!

Buy Your Family A Gonnam Ranch Supply Drop Today!

Have An Amazing Day,

Chance Gonnam

Found Of Gonnam Ranch

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