Dieters, Is Ice Cream Calling Your Name?

Dieters, Is Ice Cream Calling Your Name?

Is Ice Cream Calling Your Name?

Have you ever been on a diet, and all you want to do is eat some Ice Cream? Most of my downtime on diets is filled with thoughts of different ice cream combinations. How can we avoid this and stay strong when the temptation strikes?

Talking with Jesse Kohls on the What's On Your Table Podcast, he brought up a great tactic many people are using.

"I held myself accountable on it through social media, posted on my Instagram. I said, hey, I'm trying to lose fat right now by this date. Here's where I'm at. I posted progress pictures every few weeks."

      "I think that's why it works the best because you're sitting there holding yourself accountable by taking photographs, and pictures are one of the best ways to see progress being made, especially for newer people. Because a lot of times, if somebody first starts getting in the weight room doing some weight

training and some cardio, they're going to lose some body fat, but they're going to put on muscle at the same time. 

     So, the scale will not move as much as they think it would. If I dropped 5lbs of fat and put on 4lbs of muscle. The scale only shows 1lb lost. I'd be like, it's been two, three weeks. How come I've only lost a pound? You've lost 5lbs of fat and put on 4lbs of muscle. Your shirts are fitting differently. You look different in the mirror through pictures. That will be the kind of ways you want to judge that progress."

If you really want to keep to your fitness goals, take a picture every day/week to help hold yourself accountable. When the ice cream comes calling, you have daily/weekly accountability to keep you away.

We covered many interesting topics about overall health and fitness in the podcast. If you want to listen to the whole episode, you can here: 


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