Secure Your Family's Beef Supply Into 2023

Secure Your Family's Beef Supply Into 2023

If you want your family never to have to stress about where your food is coming from, this will be the most important message you read all day.

Gonnam Ranch is partnering with families to secure their beef supply.

We have the President of the United States warning about food shortages and being in the industry; he's not wrong. If all the supply chain delays weren't enough during the pandemic, wait till you see what happens over the next year with our food system; the countries are in for a big shock.

The way things are lining up with fuel prices, a recession coming, and all these fires across the food supply chain, it's no surprise what's next. Skyrocketing food prices, the quality of the meat in stores will drop, and selection at the store will depend on what truck was able to make it there that day. 

Your family doesn't have to stress over this if you don't want to. Our Steak Holder doesn't stress any of these upcoming events because they know their beef supply is secured, and the quality is as good as it gets.

Gonnam Ranch's Steak Holders are families that want to take their food supply

into their own hands. When a family becomes a Steak Holder, they secure a yearly beef supply for their family—no more grocery stores with questionable meat. Every time beef is on the menu, they go to the freezer and pull out high-quality pasture-raised beef all year.

Our members secure their beef almost a year in advance, locking in current prices so inflation doesn't affect the grocery budget. Here's how it works. 

Steak Holders put down a deposit for their beef during the growing season. This deposit secures their full freezer of beef at today's price. Ensuring today's prices is essential when you consider that said, "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, meat costs about 20% more than it did in 2021, and analysts expect prices to keep going up."  

The Stake Holder's deposit also secures that they will receive beef next year. Every piece of beef comes from a different animal when you shop at the grocery store. All raised way different and fed who knows what. The supply chain that gets all these different animals from around the world to your local grocery store is complex. If one thing goes wrong, the shelves can be empty nearly overnight. When you become a Steak Holder, you claim a portion of our herd. 

All our Steak Holders beef comes from the same animal. That is raised in the best way possible, healing the land and given fresh grass daily with all the sunshine they can handle. 

As a Steak Holder, you know your beef is secured and raised in the pasture all year. Then at the end of the growing season, your beef will be processed at an inspected processor and shipped to your door. A year's worth of beef is ready to be stored in the freezer and enjoyed. Our Steak Holders get every cut you can imagine from steaks for those special occasions, burgers to grill out during the summer, or make your Grandma's Famous Spaghetti and savory slow roasts for the cold winter nights. 

With shipping across the USA, families from coast to coast are excited to have a Stress-Free 2023 with Gonnam Ranch.

So, you're probably wondering just how much it costs to be a Steak Holder. The pricing is simple, so your steaks will cost the same per pound as your burger, starting at $12.75/lb. We have different Steak Holder Options available for all family sizes and the number of times a week you eat beef. 

Never bought beef in bulk online before? That's fine 1,000's of families are starting to buy their beef online from Ranches like ours. But I want you to feel confident about partnering with us, so we give all Steak Holder's a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Gonnam Ranch wants your family to have a Stress Free 2023! To help you with that, for a limited time, we have FREE SHIPPING (Save $800) on all new Steak Holders that partner with us this year.

How will your 2023 look? Will you trust the supply chain to keep delivering hundreds of different cows to the grocery store with no delays and for inflation to not keep raising the price of beef, or will your become a Steak Holder today. Going confidently into 2023 knowing your family's food supply is secured and ready to eat on your schedule.

Become a Steak Holder Today! 


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