Tips for how to keep the household healthy and focus on their nutrition?

Tips for how to keep the household healthy and focus on their nutrition?

Tips for how to keep the household healthy and focus on their nutrition?

Most importantly you have to make it a priority many people these days just get caught up in the convenience. A lot of times the most convenient foods are the most highly processed foods. Those aren't the foods that you want to be eating all the time. 

Definition of nutrition? That's just the foods that you put into your body.

If you want like a definition of good nutrition, that’s something different. Good nutrition would be I'm going to steal this from Justin Harris. He's a bodybuilder and bodybuilder coach. 


If you can pick it, grow it or kill it, then it's good for you. Pick it and grow it are your fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, everything else. It's all the clean, whole type foods. The closer you can source these the better. Back yard garden for some, local farmers, and farmers markets the closer you are too the source the better. Kill it is all types of meat. This is also important to know how the animal was raised. The food an animal eats and the way it’s raised will affect the nutrition in the meat. Find farms that focus on regenerative practices like Gonnam Ranch.

Have a day or two a week where you go to the grocery store, hit the outside aisles at the grocery store where all the good foods are. Stay away from the inside aisles because that's usually the box foods, processed food, sugar filled stuff like that. Purchasing in bulk from your local farmer can help the planning process and help limit the trips to the store. SEE HOW HERE!

Sit down with your spouse, plan out some food for a few days. So when you're hungry, you have food to eat. Because if you don't have food to eat when you're hungry, you're going to go head up a drive through, you're going to order the Uber eats or stuff like that. 

Bonus Tips: When you’re on the go try to go to a place where you can order like a meat, carbohydrates, and  vegetables. Somewhere like Chipotle for example. Get your chicken or your steak in your bowl. Toss in some carbs with some Brown or white rice, toss in some veggies like lettuce, onions, tomatoes, things like that. Or go to Chili's get a steak or chicken with a side of broccoli, side of asparagus and some mashed potatoes. 

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This information was talked about in much more detail on the "What's On Your Table Podcast?" with Jesse Kohls:

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