Do You Want Healthy Children?

Do You Want Healthy Children?

What should parents watch out for with their children's nutrition?

First of all, kids are going to do what their parents do. It would help if you were a living role model for your kids. If you want them to eat right, they need to see you eat right. Then that's going to be how they grow up knowing they should eat because that's what's normal for them. 

If they see your plate of food and it's got a slice of meat, a vegetable, and a good carbohydrate, that's what they grow up eating every night. They're not going to know anything different. When it comes to what's essential for kids, it's vital to prioritize protein. 

Children are going to get enough carbs. They will get enough fat because almost all kids' snacks are some form of carbohydrate chips, crackers, fruit, and anything like that. Kids fall short on the protein because most kids aren't waking up and saying, I'm going to cook some eggs for breakfast before going to school. Most kids aren't like, "Hey, can I have a steak for dinner tonight, or can I have some tuna or some salmon for dinner tonight?" 

So, you got to get the kids eating the protein for the most part. If you can get the kids to eat three meals of protein a day, the rest of their nutrition will take care of itself. Kids are going to eat enough food to make themselves grow. Suppose they're getting the protein as the backbone of the meals. In that case, they're going to fill themselves up and don't need to eat all the extra ultra-processed carbohydrates that give you many empty calories. They don't fill you up at all.

Get Your Children Active Daily

Parents need to limit their screen time for kids. But it would be best if you filled their time with things to do. Get them involved in sports, let them play outside, and give them activities to do around the house. Because given the option between doing that, nine times out of ten. They're going to sit in front of the computer, sit in front of the TV, grab the Nintendo switch, and play video games because it's a quick dopamine hit. 

Free play is king, especially for young kids. Let them do what they want to do as long as they move their bodies. They're learning how to move their body. As they get a little older, figure out what they want to do. Please give them a wide variety of stimuli. Let them practice soccer and do basketball; football, gymnastics, swim and cheer. Let them do all that stuff to figure out what they like to do as long as they're getting their body moving. 

Jesse Kohls on What's On Your Table? Podcast said this about training with your kids.

"that's one thing that holds me accountable because I usually get a better workout if I go up to a gym. I get away from my house, and I go into a cross gym; I go into LA fitness and workout. I usually get a more quality workout. But working out at home in my garage with my kids, there what motivates me as well, because they're watching me and they're participating, and I feel like I'm having an effect on the kind of normalizing fitness, being like, oh, this is just kind of what you do during the week."

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