What's Top Naturopath Saying About Gonnam Ranch?

What's Top Naturopath Saying About Gonnam Ranch?

Gonnam Ranch Does Not Raise Normal Beef!

What you purchase from Gonnam Ranch is healthier than any beef you will find coming from the Factory Farms that supply the grocery store.

Our beef starts with our why in mind. My daughter eats our beef, and she needs the most nutritiously dense protein. That's also low in cholesterol and has more benefits than I can fit into one email.

Gonnam Ranch caught the attention of The Best Naturopath In Kansas City! Jen said, "I am so excited to have you share your message and for people to get a hold of your product because that's what's going to make their bodies well."

Jen knows how important it is to have high-quality grass-fed beef from Gonnam Ranch, not what you are currently buying from the grocery store. She said, "The meat we're buying in the store that doesn't happen. I was blown away."

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One thing that makes Gonnam Ranch unique is that we are a seasonal operation. A family becomes Steak Holders with their deposits and claims a Supply Drop of a year's worth of beef to pack their freezers. 

Your freezer can now be your very own grocery store. Gonnam Ranch still has Steak Holders available, but the final date to Secure your Supply Drop is August 31st!

Do you want to keep feeding your family the beef that gives all the vegans their talking points on why beef is terrible? You and I know Factory Farms and stuffing cattle with grain till their liver is about to explode. These adverse side effects of beef aren't coming from the regeneratively raised grass-fed beef.

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The simplest way to find out how much beef your family needs is to consider these two things. Size of your household and how many times a week you eat beef. Essential to include taco night, spaghetti, and all the ground beef meals. Plus roast and steak. Maybe the question should be, how many times do you want to eat beef a week?

Once you see the size, you need our site to have everything you need to get the Supply Drop locked in! https://gonnamranch.net/collections/frontpage 

Where's all the beef going to go? No worries, we have you covered with this chart. It explains what you need for storage. Our USDA Butchers will package your beef in the best material that will make lasting a year easy! BUY YOUR FREEZER FULL OF BEEF TODAY!

Have An Amazing Rest of Your Day,

Chance Gonnam
Founder Of GonnamRanch.net 

P.S. Last orders must be in by August 31st; please don't wait. We have  multiple payment options to make it easy. 

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