Who's In Control of Your Health?

Who's In Control of Your Health?

This week I got to sit down with Professional BMX Racer Will Grant. We talked about how he had many injuries throughout his career. The modern medical system could always piece his body back together but couldn't stop the pain. Will got to the point that we could barely walk. That's when he made a change.

On the Podcast, Will Said.

"If I want to heal myself. It's not going to come from the doctor. If I want to take care of myself, it will not come from the government. It's going to come from me making real change and learning how to heal and nourish myself."

If you're at a point where you have pain, you need to be healed, or you have a young athlete you want to take care of. You'll hear a fantastic story of a kid who came from nothing and turned Pro BMX Racer and now heals himself and those he cares about with permaculture foods; he raises himself.

This podcast is a must-listen. Favorite it in your app and listen to it when you get some free time.

Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/8-will-grant-pro-bmx-racer-talks-healthy-living-injury/id1625974777?i=1000570322528

All Other Platforms: https://anchor.fm/chance-gonnam5/episodes/8-Will-Grant---Pro-BMX-Racer-talks-Healthy-Living--Injury-Recovery-Tips--Regenerative-Agriculture-e1lcgoi/a-a891u39

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