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True health begins long before your food makes it to the table. It starts with how your food is raised. At Gonnam Ranch, we believe your meat should be raised in a way that is regenerative for our bodies and the environment through our production of nutritionally dense, eco friendly beef.

What Does The Best Naturopath In Kansas City Say About Gonnam Ranch Beef?

"I am so excited to have you share your message and for people to get a hold of your product because that's what's going to make their bodies well."

"The meat we're buying in the store, that doesn't happen. I was blown away."

Who Is Behind Gonnam Ranch?

Gonnam Ranch is a family-owned & operated ranch that focuses on regenerative practices in producing our beef. We believe in assisting our cattle and the environment by rotationally grazing our animals to give them the freshest grasses we can offer while giving the land time to rest and regenerate itself from the fertilizer the animals left behind. This regenerative approach to ranching allows the microbes in the soil to thrive. Rotating the animals around improves the entire pasture ecosystem and causes a resurgence in the amount of wildlife we see in our pastures.

We are passionate about growing our local community and helping families eat confidently with our nutritionally dense grass-fed beef. We believe in honoring the entire animal, and when you buy our beef, you’ll know every cut came from the same animal raised by a family that gave it the best life possible. We don’t sell individual cuts like the grocery stores. We sell bundles that allow you to fill your freezer with various delicious Pasture Raised Beef fit for every occasion!